We have been using the blocks of Coral Concrete Products Pvt.Ltd for the past one year. We are very much satisfied with the quality standards of their products…
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Coral Concrete Products Pvt Ltd
S. F. No: 144/ 3, Kathir College Road,
Neelambur, Coimbatore - 641 062. 
Tamilnadu, India.

Contact Person :
Mr. Saravanan :
+91 98430 81990.
Mr. Antony Santhosh :
+91 94890 63502.

Landline: +91 422 2627500 / 600.
Email: info@coralcorp.in.


Concrete Masonry Blocks can either be solid or hollow, load bearing or non-load bearing and light weight or dense. They are used both as structural and nonstructural components depending upon the requirement of the customer. They are a preferred choice of architects, structural engineers, contractors and building owners in the developed/ developing countries. Over the last decade in India, concrete masonry bocks have gained tremendous popularity over bricks and other masonry products.


- Low onsite wastage
- Low labour cost
- Consumes less cement and sand
- Low or No plastering cost
- Low maintenance cost
- Minimum steel reinforcement in case of load bearing structure.
- Additional floor space
- Economy due to speedy construction


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