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Fly Ash Bricks
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We have been using the blocks of Coral Concrete Products Pvt.Ltd for the past one year. We are very much satisfied with the quality standards of their products…
Shree Mahalakshmi & Co, Coimbatore

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Coral Concrete Products Pvt Ltd
S. F. No: 144/ 3, Kathir College Road,
Neelambur, Coimbatore - 641 062. 
Tamilnadu, India.

Contact Person :
Mr. Saravanan :
+91 98430 81990.
Mr. Antony Santhosh :
+91 94890 63502.

Landline: +91 422 2627500 / 600.



Coral Concrete Products has the state of the art infrastructure facilites. It has a semi automatic plant having a vibrating force of 100KN coupled with compressive force of 32 Mpa. There are two Silos along with accurate weigh batching system. Our production capacity is more than 40000 fly ash bricks per day. Our products have excellent finish which results in the lower consumption of mortar for plastering.

Silos & Weigh Batching System
The raw materials are loaded in bulk into the Silos which feeds the Mixer Machine. It is required to cater major construction project where high volumes of masonry and paving blocks are required within a very short period of time to achieve the construction schedule.


Mixer Machine
Here the raw materials like gravel, fly ash and cement
are thoroughly mixed in the accurate proportions for various products.


Forming Machine
The forming machine gives the necessary shape and compression to the concrete products. The forming machine has a capacity of 100KN vibrating force which develops a compressive force of 32 Mpa.


Stacker Machine
After attaining a form in the forming machine, the products are stacked using a Stacker Machine. Here the products are further compressed and then allowed to cure for a week.


Fork Lift
We have fork lift machines for handling our products efficiently. This increases our efficiency and reduces the labour requirement to a great extent. Damages to the products are also greatly reduced.


Deilivery Vehicles
We have our own fleet of delivery vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with inbuilt crane for efficient loading and unloading of the products.

Quality Assurance

Our products are designed to meet the customer requirement in line with relevant standards. Our quality assurance process involves each and every step from raw material sourcing to delivery at customer site, as follows

- Raw material sourcing and confirming its quality
- Proper design mix formulation and conducting regular trial mix
- Accurate weigh batching system including periodic calibrations of plant equipments
- Control on casting, vibration and compaction
- Quality checks on green products and proper curing
- Final Inspection and delivery at customer site.